DIY Pineapple Mint Spa Water for Foodie Friday

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Pineapple Mint Spa Water.  So refreshing!!

Pineapple Mint Spa Water Sidewalk Shoes

One of my favorite things about our hotel stay in Savannah, at The Courtyard Marriot Downtown, was the lovely decanter of water in the lobby.  It was one of those huge glass ones with the spigot, like you find at HomeGoods.  Inside was water filled with fresh fruit.  There were oranges and strawberries and I think possibly limes.  It was delightful.  Everytime we came back from one of miles of walking, we poured us a refreshing glass or two.

Sidewalk Shoes Pineapple Mint Water

I knew that when I got back home, infused water was going to become an every day thing around the Sidewalk Shoes household.  So as soon as we got home, I googled infused water.  Who knew?  There’s a whole world of infused waters out there.  At first I tried it in a mason jar, and while it looked pretty, it wasn’t the easiest to pour.  So, Mr. Sidewalk Shoes found this pitcher for me.  It has an infusion tube, it’s similar to this one:  3 in 1 Clear Glass Green Infusion Pitcher Drink Maker 1.65-L ~ Fruit Infuser, Tea Brewing Filter & Ice Chiller Included ~ Natural Fresh Fruit Flavor Water Infuser Jug with Silicone Handle .

Mine came with an infusion tube also, but I liked the look of the fruit floating around and since there is a screen in the pour spout, no problem.

This was my first attempt and oh-so-good.

Pineapple Mint Infused Spa Water

  • 2 cups of diced pineapple
  • 3 sprigs fresh mint
  • Glass pitcher with infusion tube or without

Place pineapple and mint in pitcher.  Muddle a bit with your muddler or press with the back of spoon to slightly chop up the pineapple and bruise the mint leaves.  Fill with filtered water.  Chill, preferably overnight.  At this point you can strain out the solids and drink.  But we go through it so fast, I just leave the solids in and refill a few times, until it needs fresh fruit.

Mr. Sidewalk Shoes used some of this with his Scotch or Bourbon (some sort of brown liquor) and said it was perfect for mellowing it out a bit.  It still tasted like icky brown liquor to me, but if you like that sort of thing, you might want to try it!


Foodie Friday

This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at the every so lovely Rattlebridge Farm.

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  1. says

    How sweet of Mr. Sidewalk Shoes to find such a terrific pitcher for you, Pam.

    I’ve too have recently experienced infused waters. Never thought to actually try making it myself. what a terrific idea!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Pam and thank you to Mr. Sidewalk too:)

    P.S. Happy Bundt Day!

  2. says

    I’m with you on the “icky brown liquor” opinion. Your fruit looks really pretty in the pitcher; lucky you, having Mr. Sidewalk Shoes find such a pretty one!

  3. says

    Delicious and lovely infused fruit water. I’m so happy you liked Savannah! I haven’t been to the Marriott, but my daughter was married on the grounds of the Westin Hotel across the river.


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