Thai Chicken Soup – Slow Cooker

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In the winter, soup is definitely my favorite food. One-because it is so comforting, and two-because it is basically a one pot meal. Luckily my favorite winter time appliance, the slow cooker, and soups go hand-in-hand. So, when I found a recipe for Thai Chicken Soup at JustSlowCooking, I knew that I had to try it.

Thai Chicken Soup
adapted from recipe at

6 thighs or legs, or combination of both
2 cans (16 ounces each) chicken broth
8 carrots, diagonally sliced
1 large onion, chopped
1 piece (2 inches) ginger root, grated
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 stalks lemon grass, cut into 1-inch pieces, or 1 teaspoon finely shredded lemon peel
1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1 can (15 ounces) unsweetened coconut milk
1 medium red or yellow bell pepper, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
2 cans (4 ounces each) straw or button mushrooms, drained
1-2 tablespoons Thai yellow curry paste
fresh lime wedges
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1/3 cup chopped roasted peanuts

Combine chicken, broth, carrots, onion, ginger root, garlic, lemon grass and crushed red pepper in a slow cooker. Cover; cook on low-heat setting 6-7 hours or high-heat setting 3 to 3 1/2 hours. If necessary, skim off fat.

Remove chicken. When cool enough to handle, shred chicken and return to pot.

Stir in coconut milk, bell pepper, mushrooms, curry paste and cilantro. Cover; let stand 5-10 minutes. Discard lemon grass. Ladle soup into bowls. Sprinkle peanuts over each serving and serve with fresh lime wedges.


This was very good. I changed it a little from the original recipe. I substituted chicken thighs for the boneless breasts called for. I find dark meat more flavorful for soups, and I feel the bones impart a richness to the stock. I also added the curry paste because I felt it needed some heat and little more depth. And for serving, I suggest adding lime wedges. A fresh squeeze of the limes right before serving really brightens the soup. Also, mine cooked for about 10 hours on low, and then was kept warm for 2 hours because that’s how long I’m gone on a school day.

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  1. says

    This looks good! I like the use of the peanuts. I have really been enjoying Thai flavours recently. I normally use the chicken thighs when making soups as well.

  2. says

    I don’t know if you watch the Amazing Race, Pam, but I watch it with my little guys. (It helps with geography painlessly, and they get a peek at the rest of the world!) Last week they went to Taiwan, and one of the idiots on the show said she was really excited to go to Taiwan because she loves Thai food….even my 8 year old roared at that.

    Love your pretty picture, and your square bowls!

  3. says

    I am addicted to this very same soup (except with shrimp) from the Thai place across the street from my work. But I have been overpaying! I can’t wait to try this. Pleased to see that you can leave it to cook a few hours longer without much harm done. Can you freeze it?

  4. says

    this sounds yummy–I wanted to stick something in the crockpot before class today and use the leftovers from a roasted chicken but didn’t want the traditional chicken noodle. This looks like a great twist :)

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