Like a lot of you, during the summer, my thoughts turn to putting things up for the winter.  Though, instead of the usual green beans and tomatoes, mine almost always involve alcohol.  After making cranberry liqueur and orange liqueur last year, and totally loving them, I decided to expand my alcohol preserving a bit this year.

So, I turned to one of my favorite putting up books, Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It: And Other Cooking Projectsby Karen Solomon.  Seriously, a book that has this sentence:  “Make your own bacon, cheese, marshmallows, and more” on the cover, is my kind of book! 

I can’t tell you how this turns out, because it’s still seeping, but I have yet to meet a homemade liqueur that I didn’t love.  I might leave it as limoncello, but I might do her recipe for limoncello di crema, where you add a milky simple syrup mixture and keep it in the freezer, which she recommends as then serving as dessert shots!  Sounds good to me!


Like most liqueurs, this is really easy, it just takes time.  But if you need help, Coco has experience!


  • 8 lemons
  • 1 1/2 cups vodka
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water

Peel the zest from 4 lemons, avoiding the white pith.  Pour the vodka into a clean, wide mouth jar, with a tight fitting lid.  Add the zest, seal the jar and let sit for 2 weeks, shaking the jar daily.  Then strain and discard the lemon zest.

Make the simple syrup by combining the sugar and the water in a small saucepan.  Heat until the sugar is dissolved.   Let cool completely and add the fresh squeezed juice from the remaining 4 lemons (straining out seeds).  Add the lemon syrup to the vodka and let it mellow for about 6 more weeks. 

Store it in a cool dark place, or in the freezer.

Makes about 3 cups.

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  1. says

    We make it too, although we add everclear as well as vodka and let it rest for longer before adding the sugar water. The premise is the same and it’ll be delicious! I doubt you’ll ever buy it ready made again!

  2. says

    Well, if I ever finish off the bottle I have, I’m trying this next. (Did I mention I made your cranberry liqueur? It sits in the fridge as I write.)