Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy

Sidewalk Shoes Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy

As part of the Rancho Gordo’s Year of Beans last year, I received a bag of dried hominy.  I had no idea what to do with it.  I knew that I had only had it in a posole.    So, searching the web, I found Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy at Food & Wine.  I figured I could just double the rest of the ingredients and sub my bag of dried hominy for the canned.

I treated the hominy like beans and soaked it overnight in my slow cooker with water.  In the morning I found that it had soaked up all of the water.  I browned the turkey and added all the rest of the ingredients from the recipe into the slow cooker, with a little extra broth.   Checked it twice during the day and found the hominy had soaked up all the extra liquid.  I had no idea that dried hominy was basically a sponge.  I skipped the step for adding flour because I obviously didn’t need it.

The consistency of this chili was absolutely perfect for me.  I’m one of those people who adds so many crushed saltines to their chili that it can be eaten with a fork.  I don’t think that the original recipe with the canned hominy would be as thick.  The flavors were nice, it was warm and comforting and I liked the chewy bite from the hominy.  Follow the link above and give it a try!


Foodie Friday

This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at the every so lovely Rattlebridge Farm.


This will be my entry for Souper Sundays (Soup, Salad, or Sammie) hosted by Deb at Kahakai Kitchen.

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    I loved that dried hominy and am only sad that I used it up so fast! And I used it in a chili also! We are basically hominy twins.

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    I wouldn’t know the first thing to do with hominy and that, is not a good thing. However, now that I see what you have done at least I have a better idea how to use it the next time I contemplate buying it. I usually just pass over it at the grocery store. Sounds like you nailed it Pam!

    Thanks for sharing…

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    Your soup would be perfect tonight.(Can you believe more bad weather is coming our way?) I need to push out of my comfort zone and try hominy. Thanks for the tip about absorption.

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    I love hominy but have never worked with it dry before. I need to find some. This looks fabulous–I love the thick and chunky texture. ;-) Thanks for sharing it at Souper Sundays.

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    i’m at a loss as to what to do with hominy too. my grandpa makes it for us, but he likes to eat it just plain and i can’t handle that. great post!