Raspberry Infused Vodka for Foodie Friday

Raspberry Infused Vodka - incredible!!  Taste just like fresh raspberries!


**Updated for October 2014!  I just wanted to update this to say that this is by far my most favorite infused vodka!  It tastes exactly like fresh raspberries!  I have almost entirely replaced my normal gin and tonic with a raspberry vodka tonic!  I know that it is past raspberry season, but I suspect that this would work fine with frozen raspberries (I’ll be trying it as soon as I finish this current batch).  Seriously, so good!

As I was typing in the title of this post, I paused for a moment.  Can raspberry infused vodka be considered a food?  It is for Foodie Friday, after all.  Then, I regained my senses.  Of course it’s a food, it has raspberries in it!!  They are a food.  And an antioxidant filled food at that.  I’m not really sure what the vodka does to all those antioxidants, but I’d like to think it makes them very happy.

Sidewalk Shoes Raspberry Liqueur


There are many ways to make raspberry infused vodka – some add sugar some don’t.  I chose not to, wanting it to be not so much a liqueur tasting infusion, but just alcohol and raspberries.  It is so easy and turns such a lovely pink color.  Martha Stewart shows it decanted into cute jars with cute labels – again a fabulous Christmas gift – just like my DIY Apple Pie Moonshine!

Sidewalk Shoes Raspberry Infused Vodka

It’s not even really a recipe – I took a couple little containers of raspberries, washed and patted them dry.  Placed them in a sterilized jar and add 3 cups of vodka.  Stored it in a cool dark place for at least two weeks.  Then you are supposed to strain it and pour the vodka into a different jar.  We just leave the raspberries in it and scoop out several and add them to the drink we are making (though we do try to use up the raspberries pretty quickly since they have done their job).  You can also strain them out and puree them and that to a frozen sorbet (you might want to strain out the little seeds).


Foodie Friday

This will be my entry for Foodie Friday at the every so lovely Rattlebridge Farm.

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  1. says

    I don’t know if vodka kills the antioxidants (I think it does, but not sure), but that wouldn’t stop me drinking this hehe!

    I’m taking part in Foodie Friday for the first time this week :)